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Orlando Short Sale Lawyer

Finding an Alternative to Foreclosure

The current housing market is such that you may owe more on your house than it is actually worth. A short sale remedies this imbalance. A short sale is when the lender allows a house to be sold for its current market value without demanding full payment for the higher amount that is owed.

If you have been threatened with foreclosure and you do not need to keep your house, a short sale can be a valuable option. Not only does it allow you to get rid of a large amount of debt, it allows you to do so without as much damage to your credit that would be caused by home foreclosure or filing bankruptcy.

My name is Randy Hillman. I am a bankruptcy and real estate lawyer with more than 30 years of experience handling these matters for people in Winter Springs, Kissimmee and the surrounding parts of Florida. You can turn to me to learn more about your options and for help determining which option is best for you. Call 407-695-0874 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.

Negotiating a Short Sale

A short sale results in a financial loss for the lender. For this reason, lenders are rarely eager to allow short sales. Negotiation is a careful process. If not done properly, you could be left responsible for the difference between what the house was sold for and what you actually owed. This is something that I take great care to avoid.

I will work with you to gather all of the necessary information. The bank will typically want proof of the financial hardship that has forced you to request a short sale which means they will want to see pay stubs, tax returns and other information. I will put my experience to work creating a compelling package that clearly demonstrates why a short sale should be granted. I will work hard to negotiate a successful outcome for you.

Free Consultation About This Alternative to Bankruptcy

Call 407-695-0874 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation with an Orlando short sale attorney. I am available during regular business hours, evenings and weekends by appointment. Spanish language service is available to better serve people who do not speak English as a first language.

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